An Intensive 4 Day Bible Study

  • Teachers:
    • Henry SardiƱa (Florida)
    • Sam Mikhael (Bahamas)
    • Keith Keyser (Pennsylvania)
    • Larry Price (Pennsylvania)
  • Where: Camp Horizon, Leesburg Florida
  • Registration Cost: $125
  • January 6 - 9, 2025
  • Topic: Genesis, chapters 26-50
  • Online Registration is Open!!

This is a very intensive time of concentrated Bible study. The days are long, and the sessions rigorous, yet enjoyable, and are truly most profitable to those that are serious minded about God's Word. While we would certainly not seek to discourage any interested brother from attending, we do want all to know from the outset what to expect. This in no way implies that all attendees are "advanced" students of the Bible. There will be men at various stages in their Christian growth and experience. The purpose for gathering is to work together in this format of intensive Bible study to gain insight into God's Word and increase our appreciation of God's Son and God's mind as revealed in Scripture. Thus shall we be better equipped to serve the Lord in His assembly. As many of you have experienced, the blessings and benefits derived from intensive study of God's word can be tremendous.